A future where science, tech and health work for the benefit of all


To revolutionise inclusion and diversity in science, tech and health


To value the resources, needs, achievement, knowledge, contribution and partnerships of all communities

To illustrate diversity and inclusiveness in Action

To invigorate a collective community response around issues

To foster inspiring and applicable scientific methods and tools for change

To be the engine for change through ne strategies around diversity in science tech and healthy

Who are we

Bassajamba is a social enterprise specialising in the science, tech and health needs of disadvantaged, marginalised, hard to reach and underrepresented communities. We work closely with academia and other partners to build sustainable resources including creative media, new technologies, products and services towards the purpose of combatting and reducing the causes and consequences of social inequalities affecting health, employment, education amongst others.

What we do

Develop New science based initiatives to breach barriers between groups to diversify the experience of science and expand the knowledge and research undertaken

Broker sustainable partnerships and networks between academia, industry and diverse communities

Develop tools, technologies and resources to build value systems for these communities

Why we do it

Science and technology are society’s main engines of prosperity. Our mission makes sure that everyone has the opportunity to maximise innovation and creativity in science for the benefit of humanity.


The board consists of teachers, technologists and cultural engagers, all members of the community of specialists

Community Advisors

Our advisors consist of diverse communities usually underrepresented in the sciences

Academic Advisors

Our experts include specialists in field, prominent professors and knowledge experts. Every project begins with a profile of people working who wish to explore their knowledge with disadvantaged groups. Working in STEM fields our work bounds from complications in diabetes to humanitarian technology, SKA Telescope, SMART cities etc.

Industry Advisors

Industry specialists interested in diversity within their own field and different ways of trialling incorporation